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Best Metal Handle Pocket Knives

The 10 Best UK Legal Carry Metal Handle Pocket Knives

There are pros and cons for carrying a metal handle knife and it is essentially a personal choice. Aluminium or steel is tougher compared to natural materials such as bone, wood or animal horn. These natural materials are all susceptible to cracking if the knife suffers a moderately severe impact. Even so-called impact resistant synthetic materials have been known to crack when subjected to mechanical force. A key factor is the design of the knife, whether steel handle liners are present and the overall strength of the pivot pin arrangement. One of the disadvantages is the added weight of a solid metal handle, although use of titanium and aluminium helps to reduce overall weight.

Spyderco Grasshopper Pocket Knife 1 - Spyderco Grasshopper Pocket Knife- This low price production knife has a 2.3 inch blade with thumb opening hole and solid stainless steel handle.
Spyderco Honey Bee Pocket Knife 2 - Spyderco Honey Bee Pocket Knife- The smaller version of the Grasshopper knife has a 1.6 inch blade with thumb opening hole, the lanyard hole makes it ideal for use on a keyring or neck chain.
Victorinox Pioneer Alox Pocket Knife 3 - Victorinox Pioneer Alox Pocket Knife - Based on the classic Swiss military issue soldier's knife, measures 93 mm closed, 4 blades, with 2.9 inch main blade and keyring. The handle is hard wearing, silver, ribbed alox aluminium.
Leatherman Style CS Keyring Multi Tool LT35B 4 - Leatherman Style CS Keyring Multi Tool LT35B - With 1.6 inch stainless blade, folding scissors, nailfile / screwdriver and tweezers the Leatherman Style CS is one of the smallest multi tools. Due to its small size it is more convenient for everyday pocket carry than the more bulky, feature laden multi tools.
Leatherman Micra Keyring Multi Tool LT50 5 - Leatherman Micra Keyring Multi Tool LT50- Still in production after more than 25 years, the Leatherman Micra multi tool is true to it's name. Measuring only 2.5 inches closed the Micra contains 7 blades including the 1.6 inch knife blade and spring loaded, folding scissors.
Victorinox Electrician Alox Pocket Knife 6 - Victorinox Electrician Alox Pocket Knife- The same dimensions as the Pioneer Knife, but instead of a can opener there is a wire scraper, pruning shaped blade. The Electricians knife has no lanyard or keyring attachment.
Spyderco Honey Bee Pocket Knife 7 - Victorinox Farmer Alox Pocket Knife- Compared to the Pioneer Knife, The Farmer's knife has an extra saw blade. This makes the knife approx 0.25 cm thicker than the Pioneer knife and slightly heavier.
Victorinox Cadet Alox Pocket Knife 8 - Victorinox Cadet Alox Pocket Knife- Smaller dimensions than the Pioneer Knife with a 2.5 inch blade and a nail file instead of a reamer. Hard wearing, silver, ribbed alox aluminium handle with keyring.
Victorinox Bantam Alox Pocket Knife 9 - Victorinox Bantam Alox Pocket Knife- The 2 blade, slimline version of the Cadet knife with 2.5 inch blade and combination bottle opener, screwdriver and wire stripper, without a keyring.
Victorinox Classic Alox Keyring Pocket Knife 10 - Victorinox Classic Alox Keyring Pocket Knife- Smaller than the Cadet knife, with a small pair of scissors, ideal as an indestructable keyring knife with alox aluminium handle.

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